Sonntag, Januar 08, 2017

Spaß mit Flaggen um Selbstauslöser/fun with flags uhm remote controls

(english in red below)
Guten Morgen!

Ich habe heute morgen einen Vorsatz für das neue Jahr "endlich rausfinden, wie der Selbstauslöser funktioniert" umgesetzt. Bekommen habe ich den Auslöser von 3 lieben Freundinnen letztes Jahr zu meinem 40. Geburtstag. Die vom Chinesischen ins Englische übersetzte Anleitung ist aber so grottig, dass damit kein Weiterkommen war. Heute habe im Internet dann Videos von anderen Auslösern dieser Marke gefunden, die mir weiterhalfen und habe dann gleich ein paar Fotos gemacht.

Ich hatte Spaß mit Flaggen ähm dem Selbstauslöser

Good morning everybody,
 this morning I lived up to one of my New Years resolutions "figure out how to use the remote control for my camera". I got the remote control from 3 dear friends for my 40th birthday but the instructions are translated from Chinese into English and are so horrible, that I couldn't figure out what to put where. So this morning I looked up some youtube videos for other models and it clicked and then the shutter clicked :)

Eigentlich bin ich ja dabei meine Flickwäsche wegzunähen bzw. stricken, aber ein zwischen den Tagen bestellter Reißverschluß ist immer noch nicht da, also habe ich die Zeit genutzt und ein Probemodell für zukünftige Sommeroberteile/Unterhemden genäht. Der Schnitt ist aus dem Adventskalender von Frau Näähglück und heißt Alla, gefunden habe ich ihn im Shop aber nicht.

Technically I'm sewing up/knitting up my mending pile but a zipper I need to repair a jacket is still in the mail, although I ordered it on boxing day. So I used the time to make up a muslin for future summer tops/camisoles. The pattern is by Näähglück from her Adventcalendar and is called Alla.  
I couldn't find it in the shop though.

Das Schnittmuster stellte keine Herausforderung dar. Letztendlich sind es nur 3 Nähte und die Einfassung der Armausschnitte sowie des Halsausschnittes. 
Der Stoff ist von einer Tunika für die Zwillinge übrig und ist Baumwoll/Lycrajersey oder so was in der Art. Ich habe Größe 40/42 zugeschnitten und das ganze um 3 cm verlängert. Wenn ich die Fotos so anschaue muss ich, glaube ich noch eine Anpassung fürs Holkreuz einbauen. Mal gucken.

The pattern is really easy to sew. Just 3 seams and the binding for the armhole/sleeves. Nothing to write home about. I used fabric left over from a tunic for the kids (cotton jersey with some nylon content). I used a size 40/42 and lengthened the camisole by 3 cm. I thing I might need a sway back adjustment.

Ich bin mit dem Unterhemd ganz zufrieden. Für ein Sommeroberteil baue ich vielleicht noch ein bisschen Mehrweite für den Bauch ein. Der Stoff ist aber schon eher grausig, sieht untendrunter aber keiner.

As a camisole I like the pattern as it is. For a summertop I might add a little more ease to the tummy area. It's a tad too tight there. The fabric itself is horrible but since it will be hidden under other clothing I don't care.

Donnerstag, Januar 05, 2017

Onion 20047

Hallo allerseits, (english below)

sorry, dass ich ein bisschen vom Erdboden verschwunden war. Mein Rechner war kaputt und durch meinen Podcast (deutsch) bin ich zeitlich schon ziemlich eingebunden. Aber ich versuche dieses Jahr besser zu werden und öfter zu bloggen, schließlich habe ich ja auch schon länger meine Kamera und eigentlich mache ich damit auch viel lieber Fotos...

Also hier mein erstes Projekt 2017, ein Kleid für die Zwillinge.
Das Schnittmuster ist Onion 20047, meine englische Schnittmusterbesprechung füge ich hier nach dem Foto ein. Aber letztendlich ist das nur ein simples Raglanshirt mit 4 Schnittmusterteilen. Genäht habe ich aus einem Stoff von Glünz Stoffe, Größe 128

Hi everybody,

sorry, that I was gone for so long. My computer broke and I had to replace it and recording my German podcast each month takes a lot of my spare time and then there's ravelry... I try to be better this year and blog more often, since I do have a nice camera now and I like taking pictures with it.

So, here's my first project of the year and my last (the dress on the hanger, which is losely based on an Ottobre pattern). The pattern is Onion 20047 which I got from my friend Maria and here's my review

Pattern Description: Kids shirt or dress with raglan sleeves either long or short sleeved  

Pattern Sizing: EU 98-140, I used a size 128 for my 6 yr. old and made a dress, that is about kneelength maybe a tad longer.  
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes, pretty much.
Were the instructions easy to follow? They are in Danish but the pattern is just 4 pieces: Front, back, sleeve and the necklineband. So it's not much to trace (I don't like printing patterns and glueing them together...) and if you've ever made a t-shirt this shouldn't be too hard to make without instructions.  
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? It's a quick and easy pattern to make and the simple lines of the pattern let the fabric speak for itself. A great pattern for all the fun jersey prints out there. Plus it's genderneutral, so you can use the same pattern for boys and girls.
 Fabric Used: Cotton jersey
 Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: none  
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? yes and yes
 Conclusion: Quick to make, I think I made the dress in about an hour or two (over the course of 2 evenings) and I will def. make more since twin no.1 wants a dress too now and I have a lot of cute fabrics that most likely will go out of favour once the kids start school

Montag, Juli 25, 2016

Summertop with no name (yet)

Hi everybody,

I hope, you have a great summer! Ours was really wet so far, but the last week came around with nicer weather and my urge to knit a summertop resurfaced. A top, that I design myself, that is.

In 2008 I bought some 100% silk yarn at ArtFibres is San Francisco. Undyed silk yarn that is. A very unflattering colour on me. Why did I buy it? No idea, maybe it was the sheen.

So I overdyed it:
I used Procion MX cold reactive dyes to preserve the sheen. As you can see, that worked well.
Next step:

I used a croquis from Tracing Real Body Models, which helped a lot, but still I can't draw a bit. I think the box pleat isn't well drawn but mostly it's for me to remember what I had envisioned.

Now I'm swatching.

Samstag, Juni 25, 2016

Summerjackets of 2016

Just before we left for Mallorca I finished the girls jackets for this summer, after not beeing able to find lightweight cotton jackets in the store or at goodwill/fleamarket in the first place.
The pattern I used is Fee by Farbenmix and I'm really underwhelmed by this pattern.
There were so many issues, starting with the statement "add seamallowance" and not telling HOW much s.a. and when I used my standard 1,5 s.a. I didn't have enough fabric for the "coat" it was supposed to be, so I had to shorten the whole shebang.
Then no word on interfacing, not a single one.
The "coat" can be sewn reversible, so there's no back facing. So I drafted one myself (and interfaced that) and not a word on how to make a lining, so it doesn't rip when the jacket/coat is worn.

I'm so happy, that I learned to sew from a teacher, who taught us all those things, otherwise I would have been really disappointed with my final product.

I understand that companies do have to limit their wording in printed patterns but the company has a tutorial for this jacket on its website. There would have been so much digital space to put everthing in there, that I think is necessary to ensure a good product.

The jackets travelled with us to Mallorca, so that's why they are wrinkly in the pictures.
Fabric: From and Michas Stoffecke. The lining is from my stash.

Samstag, April 30, 2016

Homemade mustard

When going thru my freezercontent I remembered, that I still had some frozen cornel cherry puree from last autumn, when my friend harvested her cornel cherry tree and traded some of the puree for a homemade bread.
Cornelian cherry trees are pretty common as decorative trees in gardens here. The fruits are edible but the pits are pretty hard to get out. My friend has a technique using her kitchen mixer. I need to talk to a) her, how it is done and b) my neighbours next year, since they have a tree in their garden and don't use the fruits.

After making blackberry and cornel cherry jam I still had plenty puree left. The puree itself is pretty tart but has a really high Vitamin C content ( like a local superfood) and I ate some with applesauce adding a little sugar. Even the kids had some, since the puree is reaaaaaally pink.

So, what to do with the leftovers? After making quince mustard last autumn I decided to make cornel cherry mustard.

Making mustard is really easy. You need

a food processor or a coffeegrinder
a spoon for mixing
table and teaspoons
a scale
clean jam jars for storing the mustard

white/brown mustard seeds
cherry puree

I used this recipe

To make the mustard, you need to grind the mustard seed and the pimento really fine  using the blender. I admit, that I used finely ground aniseed and put the star aniseed into the picture because it looked so nice.

 Next  mix everything together and leave the mixture open overnight for fermentation.
Fill into the jars and let the mustard ripen for about 3 weeks before tasting. The mustard is realls strong at the beginning and gets mellower over time.

The colour will turn more brownish over time.

Samstag, April 16, 2016

Using up the older stash

Recently a fellow knitter on ravelry put up some fabric for sale and me beeing me, I just couldn't resist buying from her.
The fabric is on the way and somehow that urged me to use up older stash. I made 2 shirts for me using the Kirsten Kimono Tee but I haven't taken pictures of that (or of my new dress).
I got a remote control for my camera for my birthday, but I need to figure out how to use it.

My husband is more the point and shoot type of guy, when it comes to taking pictures and my own standards of how pictures SHOULD like isn't met by his way of taking pictures. So I will play with the remote control soon and will show you my new projects.

I can show you a shirt I made for the twins though. Using fabric they chose at the beginning of 2015. It's definitely not my taste but it was great for trying this new to me pattern (although I had it in the pattern stash for ages as well)

 Pattern: Jenny by Farbenmix

My current knitting project (one of three I have to admit) is a mash up from two patterns.
The sweater is "Blank canvas" by Ysolda Teague and the stripe pattern is from "Elfe" by Astrid Schramm. Both patterns are available thru ravelry.

I'm using a yarn by Schachenmayr called Extra Merino, that I bought at a storehouse sale in 2014, so that counts as older stash as well.

The pattern is straight forward and what you can see in the pictures was knitted within 2 weeks, so it's a fast knit, even in a DK weight yarn.

Sonntag, März 20, 2016

Me and bread

sorry, not Brad ;) but bread.

I love bread. I love eating bread (if it's still warm, just with butter). I love the crust and the smell and everything about freshly baked bread.
Ever since I got my sourdough (I tried to make my own sourdough starter but I failed at that a couple of times) I bake most of our own bread. I went down that slippery slope and now I do have about 20kg of different kinds of flour at home at most times (wheat, rye, spelt and some old varieties of grain).

Yesterday and Friday I baked the following things

Einkornwheatbread with Quinoapops

and last but not least an eggless blackberry cake (I collected the blackberries during the autumn and had them in my freezer) that was supposed to be a blueberry cake. I thought I still had blueberries in the freezer but it seems, that I didn't. My friends told me, that the blackberries were a good substitude though (I didn't try it, since this year for lent I don't eat sweets)