Mittwoch, April 22, 2015

Smart Days

Do you know that feeling?
There are smart days, were I can sew EVERYTHING without a single mistake and then there are not so smart days.
I admit, I had a few of those lately. I think, I'm kind of out of sync with sewing and need to get back into it.
Like when I was sewing the pockets for the girls jackets. I was annoyed, that there wasn't a pattern for the pocket lining, when the instructions clearly said "sew lining to the outer fabric". So I folded the facing over and added s.a. and voilá pocket lining pattern. Or so I thought.
Wrong! Obviously I should have drawn a line where the facing met the rest of the pattern and cut out that with s.a.. Of course that dawned on me, when the 2 pockets I had already made turned out wonky and big. So I recut everything and sewed 4 cute little pockets. Only that I forgot to leave an opening to turn everything inside out.

After the pockets were done, I started on the pocket flaps. Those also looked pretty big, so I refered back to the pattern. Plus they did look pretty familiar sizewise. Turns out, that there aren't any pocket flaps but that the flaps were the pocket lining.

Next: Tab in the back. Forgot to leave an opening AGAIN.

I decided to work on the hoods instead. I haven't sewn something straight to a curved edge in ages. I admit, one of the linings has pleats in it and will forever have those pleats. One hood is completely done, the other just has the lining. I'm currently sewing all the teal pieces and the outer fabric of one of the jackets is red. It's easier not to rethread all the time but finish everything teal (the red jacket has a teal lining as well).

To make a long story short: I messed up and that is, why the only picture you get today is this
(see you in a week)

Freitag, April 17, 2015


I've been taking pictures yesterday and I thought, I'd share some with you

Donnerstag, April 16, 2015

A lot of sewing

and nothing to show. You might be glad to hear, that I'm kind of sticking with my plan to sew for 15 minutes each day.

Some days I don't manage to sew at all thanks to tons of appointments or just beeing reaaaally exhausted in the evenings or thanks to my 4th cold in a row but I try to make up for that the next day.

Last week I started cutting out the lining for the jackets. And I'm done with that. For some reason ironing the fabric took longer than expected. I even started sewing but managed to screw up the pockets (I ask you, how hard is it to make 2 small lined pockets. Obviously very hard. Need to recut and re-sew them)

On Saturday my sister came over and we finally started working on a skirt, for which we had bought fabric LAST year around this time. It's a lovely wool felt with roses felted into the fabric. The seller told her just to make a tube, add some darts and voilá skirt.

Somehow that did not feel right for me and I drafted her a pattern using this tutorial. So easy! I highly recommend it. Then I made her sew a lining first, so we could check the pattern I made. And it fit! I whish I had taken more pictures.
While she was sewing the lining I cut out the main fabric (here comes the only picture I took...)

I kind of liked the idea of not having side seams (less bulk and no matching of the pattern) I just pinned the pattern pieces together at the side seams directly onto the fabric and used the hip curve as a dart. Worked really well. We ended up with her needing to insert the zipper. I tried "basting" it with wondertape but either my wondertape was too old or it just doesn't like sticking to wool felt. I hope to meet up soon with her to be able to take a picture of the hopefully finished skirt.

Mittwoch, April 08, 2015

15 minutes a day

The last few years I've been knitting more and more and sewing less and less.
I guess with the kids, it's just easier to sit down in the room where there would be just fighting, if I don't sit there

(I know that for sure, since there's still something called housework and while DH is doing his share, I work part time and my share therefore should be a bit bigger. If I "indulge" in housework

o.k. if I do the dreaded housework/laundry/whatever, at some point there will be fighting between the girls and sometimes it's just easier to be there and they then play well together without hair flying thru the hair  (don't laugh, that has happend a few times). But I admit, that I sometimes flee the living room go upstairs and let them play and they are coming upstairs if things got broken or somebody got hurt. They have to learn it eventually and I know, they do posses the skills to get out of a fight without me beeing around.

But back to the topic: I really want to get back to sewing. I have tons and tons of fabric and tons and tons of patterns and I need to make them before the kids grew out of the "cute" fabric or the patterns, that don't go up to the bigger sizes plus my wardrobe is lacking shirts/dresses and skirts. O.k. skirts not so much but I have that cute skirt pattern here and I really want to make that one.

So I set myself the goal to sew 15 minutes a day or do something sewing related like pinning, copying patterns or even pressing the fabric. Small steps! And so far I'm enjoying that (todays sewing related thing will be the writing of this blog post).

I even took pictures a few days!

Currently I'm working on burda 9458, a downloadable pattern from
It's a pattern for a coat/jacket for little girls and I'm making summer jackets for the twins (who btw. have the internet name "rockstars". I'm going to tell that story another time)
I'm not using PUL since the two do already own softshell jacket but I'm making the jackets out of plain cotton using a rayon for the lining.

So here are the pictures. M. is going to get the toadstool(?) fabric and E. choose the red fabric for her jacket. Both are getting teal fabric for the pocketplackets and the lining of the hood. I opted for a hood since it does get windy here.

So far all the outer fabrics plus the lining of the hood are cut and next will be cutting the lining but I have to "make" a lining pattern first, since the original jacket is unlined per burda instructions.

And of course Greebo had to help. And while sewing yesterday the twins wanted to help as well, so they were allowed to cut up all the leftovers I had no other use for

It's also great for using fine motor skills. And finetuning those is always useful, in my opion.  

And then there was some mending. It feels, like once I finish one thing from the mending pile, there are 15 new things added to the pile, so I'm trying to finish one thing a week!

That's for now but tomorrow is another day!

Freitag, März 13, 2015

Goodbye Sir Pterry

So yesterday Sir Terry Pratchett died.

He was one of the most beloved authors in our house and although I have never have met him in person, I'm heartbroken.

With his books he brought so much joy and happiness to me (and I bet to thousands of other readers) in times were I felt alone, sad and devastated.

He had such a unique kind of humor and his satire made me think a lot.

Sir Terry, you will be missed.

Samstag, Januar 24, 2015


Obviously I'm in a time sucking vortex or something (o.k. the kids are down with Bronchitis, so that might be a clue why I haven't had time to do ANYTHING) so the pictures from Christmas are still on the camera.

A bit of knitting has happend though and I'm also sewing a bit for "Fasching" (that is something typical to Mid- to South Germany not so much for the North, where I'm living. People get dressed up and party a lot. There are parades and stuff.) for the kids. M. has decided she want's to be a magician but in a fairy kind of way (I told her, if she wants to dress like a princess she can take on of the 4 princess dressess she has.

E. want to be a wizzardess in a fairy kind of way (not to be confused with a magician fairy! Totally different although the dresses will be fairly the same but to her it's important, that it's not the same). Again no picture.

But I took a picture of my current knitting project. I'm working on Hitofude by Hiroku Fukatsu, available for 1,74 Euro via ravelry. It's a steal! It's a well written pattern and there are tons of finished objects on ravelry.

I'm knitting my Hitofude out of Wolle Rödel Micro Uno a fingering microfibre yarn, that I got for free from a fellow knitter (only had to pay for the shipping). The yarn is very soft and very slippery but has a great sheen and I hope it won't pill too much.

I have no idea why the picture has different colours to it. Sorry for that

I'm at repeat No. 10 out of 11 and those are both sleeves, which are knitted at once in one piece.

At the pace I'm knitting I guess it will be well into spring before I can wear it. Still I'm already thinking about the next sweater. I'm weird like that.

Sonntag, Dezember 28, 2014

Crazy at the end of the year

hi everybody,
i hope, that you had great holidays, whatever you chose to celebrate (of you celebrated, that is)

our holidays were actually pretty laid back, mainly because most of us had/have a cold, that refuses to leave with a bad caugh, that hurts.

Like every year I try to finish all my projects but today I even started a new one and that involes Patchwork. I can hear you gasp but it's just 2 projectbags, so small and simple
There were also the annual Christmas dresses but I hope to get around to download the pictures from my point-and-shoot-camera soon, so there will be an extra blogpost about that.

Have a great time!