Mittwoch, Mai 20, 2015

What's next

So, the jackets are done and I kind was lost. I knew there was a project that I had to start but that required a bit more planning and last week I was really short on time.
And by now I really can't talk about that project.
So I stalled out a bit and made a project bag first for one of my fellow knitters from the knit night here in Kiel

Do you see that name tag? I went to BerlinKnits a yarn festival in our capital last weekend with other knitting friends and I had a blast. I did not take any classes but enjoyed the atmosphere and did a little shopping.
Really! Just very few things came with me:

The yarn is Dye for yarn in their merino/silk blend and the fibre was given to me by the knitting friend I made the bag for.

And this is my total haul
I think, I did fairly well. I kept a lot of cards, so I know, what to buy online, if my stash is reduced in about 25 years

Mittwoch, Mai 13, 2015


I'm done and here's my review

Pattern Description: Kids jacket or coat, with or without hood or a Peter Pan style collar. The hood and the pockets are lined, the jacket/coat is unlined.

I made the jacket with the hood.

Pattern Sizing: 92 - 116 cm (European). I made a size 116 length jacket but thought it was very short, so I lengthend the pattern by 5 cm and could easily have added a couple of more cm since my daughters have long torsos. I cut everything a size 110width wise. Per chart I could have used a size 98 width for my skinnier twin daughter but that was too much of a hassle and I guess a size 110 was a good choice.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Pretty much. I did add the pockets to the jacket, since I did lengthen it and a jacket without pockets is not an option for my kids. Where else would they put all the things they find during the day?

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? The pattern is well drafted and written. Stupid me, had more problems than neccessary. But that was my fault. I haven't sewn anything more involved in ages. Like a completely lined jacket (I decided to line the whole jacket).
The only thing I did not like was that it is short and the sleeves also run kind of short. I guess it will be o.k. with short sleeved t-shirts but with long sleeved shirts or dresses it does look too short in the sleeves.

Fabric Used: Woven cotton from stash (bought 2011!) and a rayon lining.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
1. Lengthening the jackets
2. Line everything
3. Add pockets.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Since I made the biggest size and it's already too short, I guess I won't be making it again any time soon but I woul

The kids are happy and I think they are very cute in their new jackets.

Mittwoch, Mai 06, 2015

The second time it's easier

and I mean easIER not easy. Although the pattern is not hard at all, I again had some problems (like remember leaving seams open for turning the jacket inside out and many more little details).

But this time, I won't bother you with the details this time.

Today the stars aligned (o.k. I had the car serviced and had to leave work early and my friend picked up the twins from Kindergarten, since we alternate every Wednesday, so our kids have time to play before going to dance"class") and I had more than 15 minutes to spend on the second jacket.

Very little is left to do. Finish bagging the lining, doing very little handsewing and then the buttons. I managed to order the wrong sized buttons. In my prain 1.5 cm is waaaay bigger than it is in reality and now I have 10 buttons, that are too small. Therefore I need to go to the fabric shop and shop for buttons. Dang!

I'm so happy with the progress I made so far. The only thing I kind of regret, is that I lined the pockets with the same teal rayon lining. I should have used something lighter since the facing is now glaring at me.

So, next week I hope, both jackets will be finished. There's a project that I really need to start!

Mittwoch, April 29, 2015

Gray hair

So, my next weekly update!

These jackets are the reason I'm featuring 10% more gray hair than at the beginning of the year. I swear!

I feel like a Rookie sewing something lined for the first time EVER.
After the pocket incident one should think, that I got that make your pattern if the pattern has a facing down. Obviously not.
The facing is part of the front pieces, so it is cut on. Of course I just folded the facing under and used the remaining pattern as my lining pattern. Oh stupidity!

When I figured out, I had the lining finished (with the sleeves attached and everything). So to make up for it, I had to rip out the shoulder seam thus rip out one sleeve. After that I just ripped out part of the lining, cut off the access, sewed the lining to the facing piece and sewed a wonky shoulder seam with a little hole in it.

AND I also forgot the opening for turning the whole shebang inside out, after bagging the lining. Well, the next one should be better.

At least one of the jackets is nearly done and M. tried her jacket on today. I'm so happy, that I lengthened the jacket (I did not make the coat but view A) by 5 cm.

Mittwoch, April 22, 2015

Smart Days

Do you know that feeling?
There are smart days, were I can sew EVERYTHING without a single mistake and then there are not so smart days.
I admit, I had a few of those lately. I think, I'm kind of out of sync with sewing and need to get back into it.
Like when I was sewing the pockets for the girls jackets. I was annoyed, that there wasn't a pattern for the pocket lining, when the instructions clearly said "sew lining to the outer fabric". So I folded the facing over and added s.a. and voilá pocket lining pattern. Or so I thought.
Wrong! Obviously I should have drawn a line where the facing met the rest of the pattern and cut out that with s.a.. Of course that dawned on me, when the 2 pockets I had already made turned out wonky and big. So I recut everything and sewed 4 cute little pockets. Only that I forgot to leave an opening to turn everything inside out.

After the pockets were done, I started on the pocket flaps. Those also looked pretty big, so I refered back to the pattern. Plus they did look pretty familiar sizewise. Turns out, that there aren't any pocket flaps but that the flaps were the pocket lining.

Next: Tab in the back. Forgot to leave an opening AGAIN.

I decided to work on the hoods instead. I haven't sewn something straight to a curved edge in ages. I admit, one of the linings has pleats in it and will forever have those pleats. One hood is completely done, the other just has the lining. I'm currently sewing all the teal pieces and the outer fabric of one of the jackets is red. It's easier not to rethread all the time but finish everything teal (the red jacket has a teal lining as well).

To make a long story short: I messed up and that is, why the only picture you get today is this
(see you in a week)

Freitag, April 17, 2015


I've been taking pictures yesterday and I thought, I'd share some with you

Donnerstag, April 16, 2015

A lot of sewing

and nothing to show. You might be glad to hear, that I'm kind of sticking with my plan to sew for 15 minutes each day.

Some days I don't manage to sew at all thanks to tons of appointments or just beeing reaaaally exhausted in the evenings or thanks to my 4th cold in a row but I try to make up for that the next day.

Last week I started cutting out the lining for the jackets. And I'm done with that. For some reason ironing the fabric took longer than expected. I even started sewing but managed to screw up the pockets (I ask you, how hard is it to make 2 small lined pockets. Obviously very hard. Need to recut and re-sew them)

On Saturday my sister came over and we finally started working on a skirt, for which we had bought fabric LAST year around this time. It's a lovely wool felt with roses felted into the fabric. The seller told her just to make a tube, add some darts and voilá skirt.

Somehow that did not feel right for me and I drafted her a pattern using this tutorial. So easy! I highly recommend it. Then I made her sew a lining first, so we could check the pattern I made. And it fit! I whish I had taken more pictures.
While she was sewing the lining I cut out the main fabric (here comes the only picture I took...)

I kind of liked the idea of not having side seams (less bulk and no matching of the pattern) I just pinned the pattern pieces together at the side seams directly onto the fabric and used the hip curve as a dart. Worked really well. We ended up with her needing to insert the zipper. I tried "basting" it with wondertape but either my wondertape was too old or it just doesn't like sticking to wool felt. I hope to meet up soon with her to be able to take a picture of the hopefully finished skirt.