Sonntag, April 13, 2014

Vintage Jeans

So, after finishing the second dress for the rockstars

I decided it was time to sew the Jeans pattern I had fitted in Aarhus in Febuary this year.

The pattern is Kwik Sew 407 and it was printed in 1973. It was gifted to me in 2008 or so by my dear friend Annika from the US. The pattern is printed on heavy paper and in pristine condition, just lacking the instructions, so I have to guess the way the pattern wants to be assembled. But it's no hard work.

Since I had tweaked the pattern so much, I had to re-draw the front pockets. I think, I did something wrong there, since they are coming out huuuuge. Maybe it's to counterbalance the tiny back pockets.

The fabric is a twill fabric, that I have no recollection of buying whatsoever. It feels, like it has been in my stash since the pattern was printed, but since I started sewing just 20 years ago, I guess not. I don't even like the colour brown. It's a cool shade of brown though, so I hope it will go with the rest of my wardrobe For the topstitiching I simply threaded two strands of sewing thread thru the needle. So much easier than buying topstitichingthread. I even have plenty of brown thread in my threadstash (letting my head hang in shame since I really do have a threadstash as well), so it's good to use at least a bit of that (plus the weird plushy nylon that I certainly bought in the early days of ebay).

So far I have assembled the fronts (making the pockets), sewed the saddlepart to the back and topstitched it. Added the pockets to the bag and inserted the fly front zipper. As always slow progress, but I'm happy to sew a seam here and there and I hope to finish the Jeans before May.

Sonntag, April 06, 2014

slow and steady wins the race

Hi there,

I thought I'd give you an update on my knitting.
I'm working pretty monogamously on my vintage sweater, so I'm making good progress despite the fact, that the whole sweater is knitted on 2.5 mm needles and sportweight yarn (I guess, it's mystery yarn without a label, so I don't get to deduct from my stashnumbers every time I finish a skein).

The pattern is "it cannot fail to please" from Susan Crawford and Jane Waller from "A stitch in time vol.1" but actually it's a vintage pattern.

As you can see I'm knitting it in the round instead of working it in pieces. I don't think, that sideseams are necessary for any kind of internal stability (I learned, that shoulderseams are a good idea though, when you have set in sleeves)

I'm at the fourth repeat, so if I would stick to the pattern I would divide for the armholes soon, but since I have a long, long torso I will add two more pattern repeats. Slow but steady! It helps, that I have time off at the moment!

Sonntag, März 23, 2014

Patternreview: Ottobre 02/2005 girls "safari" pinafore dress

Pattern Description: Girls pinafore dress with adjustable shoulder straps and front pockets, that feature a pocket flap.

Pattern Sizing: 92-140cm. I made a size 98, since a friend had traced it for her daughter and said it was generous. Normally the twins are wearing a size 98/104, lengthwise they need a size 110 though

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Pretty much, I forgot to add the strips to the pocket, since my friend still has my magazine and I wanted to start right away

Were the instructions easy to follow? I have no idea, since I did not use the pattern. I don't think, that they were more than sparse. European magazines think, that you know how to sew, when you start using the patterns, I guess. I don't think, that they feature techniques like understitching though.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? Depsite using a smaller size, it's waaaaaay to wide on my skinny girls. I think, that the older ottobres are too generous in general. Maybe the Finnish kids are not as skinny as my daughters.

I think, it's a very cute style though and I already got the order from the second twin to make her one too!

Fabric Used:
Mystery cotton blend from stash. It's a bit stretchy

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I added a cm to the hem. I should have taken in the sideseams and added more length though. I guess it's o.k. though for a 3.5 year old to wear with leggings

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes and yes, just be careful to measure the child though and the pattern....

Conclusion: Cute dress, I will make another one soon.

Sonntag, März 16, 2014

From stash to FO

So, I really try to work my stash (I just bought more fabric though) and I thought, you might like to see, what I have been finishing lately.

Since the great british sewing bee is back on tv, I'm thinking about sewing a lot (not that I sew more but at least I'm back into sewing mode mentally :) )

I finally finished the Maria Denmark Day to Night Drape top (3 incarnation)

I did modify the pattern a tiny little bit, by slashing it open from the hem to a bit below the bust and spreading it open a tiny bit to give me more room over the tummy since my fabric was a very clingy rayon-jersey.

The sleeves are from the Birgitte Basic tee again. Both fabrics are ancient stash (see two posts below) and I'm happy to have it out of my stash and into my closet!

Then there has be tons of knitting:

I made a beret for my sisters birthday
The pattern is Rustling leaves beret and it just uses 50gr of yarn, so perfect for usisng up odds and ends. I should have blocked it more though. I did cast on less stitches than the pattern says and increased after the ribbing, since the comments on ravelry mentioned, that the ribbing is somewhat big.

Then I made another pair of Pomatomus socks. I think I made two pairs in 2009 or 2008. I got a skein of hand dyed sock yarn in a white elephant swap at christmas last year and I thought that pattern might be a good match. I think, maybe plain vanilla would have been better as the pattern is a bit lost in the variation of the sock yarn.

A knitting friend of mine just had twins, so obviously I had to make something.  I made a jacket (and gave her other things as well). The pattern is a free pattern found on ravelry called Linnie and the yarn is deep deep stash, a discountinued yarn called MerinoSeta and as the name suggests it's Merino and Silk. I had two skeins in stash, not enough for anything for me since the green really is not a good colour on me.

Montag, März 10, 2014

newest wip in town

I recently finished a couple of knitting projects and will blog about them soon*ish).
Today was a lovely sunny   spring day here at the Baltic sea, so we spend the day outside.  I even managed a picture of my newest WIP. It's a vintage pattern called It cannot fail to please. The yarn is mystery yarn i got ca. 2012, so it is stashburning

Sonntag, Februar 16, 2014

The box of shame

So, I'm making another day-to-night drape top (pattern by my lovely co-host Maria). I'm using some really old fabric, that I can't even remember buying. When I started cutting out, I immediately saw, that I would not have enough fabric for sleeves and I wear the wool jersey one (see last post) like all of the time. It's so comfy and stylish enough for work, when I do wear black trousers. So I need another one.

I remembered that I had some white jersey left, that I used for the first incarnation of the day to night top ca. 2012. I dug around the cabinet, where I keep my jerseys. It wasn' there.

Then I remembered: when we packed everything into boxes before the big remodellling of the attic last year. My fabric was mostly in that cabinet. I figured out, since not all of the fabric I do own fits into the cabinet, I would put some stuff into a bin and sew everything up before we moved the hobby room upstairs, so that there would be no bin to be stored (o.k. at least no full bin or we could fill something else into the bin like clothes the kids have outgrown. A bin looks kind of more organized that the cardbord diaper boxes we use over and over again for that purpose).

And then we ran out of space to put stuff from the attic during the remodeling, so boxes and furniture was put into the sewing area, so I just had no space to sew (at least that is my story). The bin was brought upstairs once the shelves and the cabinet(s) were up and I kind of forgot about it (despite having to move it around to get to my yarn).

So today, when I was looking for the white jersey and it wasn't there my gaze wandered around and the bin was brought back to attention. And lo and behold, there it was. A genereous piece of white jersey.  (and a half full bin). So I got the jersey out, folded it in half and put the sleeve pattern in the middle of if and cut out the sleeves. I tossed the rest :)

And I think, I need to work on that bin. Either by using the stuff inside or usying the fabric from the cabinet and fill up all the empty spaces from that bin!

Sonntag, Februar 09, 2014

Review: MariaDenmark Day to night shirt

Maria Denmark Day to Night top

This is actually the third thing I sewed this year but I have to take pictures of the other two (or better: wait for Maria to get better. Send her good thoughts to get well soon)

Pattern Description: From Marias Homepage
"This sleeveless top has a drape front neckline which drapes elegantly at the front, making this top perfect for a dinner out or for clubbing all night long! "
I added the sleeves from the Birgitte Basic Tee also from Maria Denmark

Pattern Sizing: XS to 3XL. I made a size S without an FBA but I think I might need a small FBA

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes, with added sleeves of course

Were the instructions easy to follow? Really easy to follow, tons of tips in the instructions

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? With the added sleeves the dressy shirt becomes appropriate for work

Fabric Used: Some cheap wool jersey I bought at a sale. Not the best quality but I will make more shirts out of better fabric!

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: Added sleeves as per recommendation by Maria

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes and yes

Great pattern that fits me very well and that I will make over and over again